Snæfellsjökull Top of the Diamond Snow-cat Tour

Popular guided tour

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Availability: April – August
  • Starting point: foot of Snæfellsjökull
  • Price: 9.000 to 12.000 ISK per person

Our Snæfellsjökull Top of the Diamond Snow-cat Tour is a spectacular sightseeing excursion that will bring you close to one of Iceland’s most spectacular and mystical glaciers, Snæfellsjökull.

Our Snæfellsjökull Top of the Diamond Snow-cat Tour starts at the foot of Snæfellsjökull glacier. There, our snow-cat will be waiting for you to take you up to the top of Snæfellsjökull, the top of the diamond.

Snæfellsjökull rises 1446 meters above sea level. This glacier-topped volcano is where Jules Verne set a passage leading to the center of the Earth in his popular novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Mystics from all over the world have visited Snæfellsjökull claiming it is one of the Earth’s seven sources of spiritual energy. 
Whether this is true or not, it is not up to us to say but Snæfellsjökull certainly is a special glacier and, with this excursion, you have the chance to explore it and get to know it better.

On our way to the top, we will make some stops where you will be able to get off the snow-cat, enjoy some time on the glacier and take some nice pictures.

Are you a skier? Would you like to try skiing down Snæfellsjökull? We often offer skiing trips on the glacier!!
Send us a message and follow us on Facebook for updates on our skiing trips. 

What you need to bring
  • Warm clothes
  • Hat and gloves
  • Good outdoor shoes are recommended
Know before you go 
  • The starting point for our Snæfellsjökull snow-cat tour is at the foot of Snæfellsjökull. To get there, take road F570 from Ólafsvík, on the northern side of the peninsula, towards Snæfellsjökull. Drive along the road until you find our Snæfellsnes Excursions sign and our black minibus-café. This is a decent gravel road although it is recommended to drive it with a 4-wheel-drive car.
    If you don’t feel comfortable driving on an F road yourself, get in touch with us and we will find a solution. The easiest way is to send us a message on Facebook or send us an email at rutuferdir[at]

  • Our Snæfellsjökull Glacier Tour is a sightseeing tour on a snow-cat. You will have some time to walk around on the glacier but this is not a glacier hike.

  • The views from Snæfellsjökull depend on the weather conditions.

  • Occasionally, although rarely, it might happen that we do not reach the top because of unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Due to varying weather conditions in the area, we reserve the right to cancel the tour with short notice. 
  • We need a minimum of 10 people to run this tour. If we do not reach the number, we reserve the right to cancel the tour and you will be refunded.

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We will start our Snæfellsjökull Snow-cat Tours again in April 2021.

Please send us an email or contact us on Facebook or Instagram for any question. 

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Snæfellsnes Excursions Office- Directions

Snæfellsnes Excursions GPS 64°55’36.8″N 23°15’35.1″W