Shark and Lava Safari

Popular guided tour

  • Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Next available: SOON – ask:
  • Meeting point: Sólvellir 5, Grundarfjörður
  • GPS point: N64°55´36.51”W23°15´34.98”

We depart from Grundarfjörður, & end in Grundarfjörður.
At first we stop at Kambur, There is to find a Keltic cross that carries great story about French fisher mans tragedy on see, and link/combine to gather Grundarfjörður and the French city Paimpol in friends community.
Then we drive through Kolgrafarfjörður, known for it´s wild live, and mysterious view.
Next up is Berserkjarhraun (Berserk Lava Fields). The rocky field gets its name from a part of the Icelandic Eyrbyggia Saga, & is as amazing and brutal just as the saga!
Then we drive to Vatnaleið where we end op on viewing platform.
Our last stop is at Bjarnarhöfn Shark museum where we will have coffee and cake.


Meeting point – Directions

Sólvellir 5 350 Grundarfirði, GPS: N64°55´36.51”W23°15´34.98”