Shark and Lava Safari

Popular guided tour

  • Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Next available: SOON – ask:
  • Meeting point: Sólvellir 5, Grundarfjörður
  • GPS point: N64°55´36.51”W23°15´34.98”

We depart from Grundarfjörður, & end in Grundarfjörður.
At first we stop at Kambur, There is to find a Keltic cross that carries great story about French fisher mans tragedy on see, and link/combine to gather Grundarfjörður and the French city Paimpol in friends community.
Then we drive through Kolgrafarfjörður, known for it´s wild live, and mysterious view.
Next up is Berserkjarhraun (Berserk Lava Fields). The rocky field gets its name from a part of the Icelandic Eyrbyggia Saga, & is as amazing and brutal just as the saga!
The direction is then taken up Kerlingaskarð & then taken to Vatnaleið where we end op on viewing platform.
Our last stop is at Bjarnarhöfn Shark museum where we will have coffee and cake.


Meeting point – Directions

Sólvellir 5 350 Grundarfirði, GPS: N64°55´36.51”W23°15´34.98”